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Warranty Claim

Should any of our products not perform to your satisfaction and/or for product specific warranty periods, please fill in the form below.  Our experienced customer service personnel will professionally deal with your enquiry within 72 hours of receiving the information.

Please read our Conditions of Service carefully.

  1. An initial call out fee of $120.00 inc GST applies to all service calls not covered by Decina Warranty (this is where there is no clear evidence of a manufacturing defect upon inspection or where the product has not been installed in accordance with Decina’s installation instructions).  Decina Warranty only applies where there is proof of a manufacturing defect.
  2. Decina will not take responsibility for any additional repairs or expenses incurred for consequential damage detected after the product has been installed.  Refer to the Decina Warranty Terms and Conditions.
  3. No service shall commence prior to your agreeing of these ‘Conditions of Service’ by ticking the Yes box found at the bottom of the following form.
Date of Purchase
Date of Installation
Was it installed by a Licensed Tradesperson?
Has the plumber/builder/installer checked and confirmed that the issue was not caused by installation?
Was it installed in accordance with Decina's installation instructions?
Was the bath supported on sand and cement base or metal Ezi-Frame?
Does the Decina Warranty Apply?
Attach Product 1 Photo (jpg, png & pdf) only
Attach Product 2 Photo (jpg, png & pdf) only
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