Our premium Dolce Vita spa bath range, includes the innovative Hydrotherapy jet system, both of which has redefined the use and aesthetics of spa baths.
The larger capacity flush ‘C-Lenda Maxi Jets' have been added to create a stronger, bubbling water action for the ultimate body massage enjoyment. The powerful 1100 watt heat boost pump includes a one stage heating element, controlled by a remote control 'Spa-Key', which allows you to operate the Spa pump from almost anywhere in the home, with ‘no water’ and ‘auto reset’ protection. Unique to the Dolce-Vita range is your choice of chrome, black or white coloured jets with thin chrome stainless-steel surrounds. The soft pillow headrests makes Dolce Vita synonymous with spa bath luxury. For more in-depth information download the Spa Bath Install & Owner Guide.