Enjoy the wellbeing and therapeutic benefits of a expensive day spa in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Why pay to go to an expensive commercial day spa when you can invest in your wellbeing and enjoy all the therapeutic benefits in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Decina have been the innovators in spa bath design for over twenty seven years. We were first to introduce whisper quiet spa bath pumps with inbuilt heaters that maintain the warmth of the water.

Our powerful jets that double the aeration of the bubbles to invigorate the body are designed to be visually pleasing and ergonomically comfortable, easy to clean, with trims that will retain their appealing look for years to come.

All jets are adjustable for water flow and aeration to create the massage intensity that suits your body. As the water passes through the jets a vortex action occurs which sucks the air from the air water mixture controls to create a stronger massage action on the body. When the air controls are turned down or off, only water passes through the jets for a soft massage action.

Our designers have continued to evolve the whirlpool system with a range of flush profile fittings and below rim air water/mixture controls for a beautiful minimalist finish.

Experience the luxurious bathing sensation as you immerse into a whirlpool of style and comfort as your body is being massaged by thousands of soothing air bubbles that relieve tired muscles.