Contour Spa Baths

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Contour Spa Baths minimalist, flush profile ‘C – Lenda’ jets are designed for ergonomic comfort, style and easy cleaning.

C-Lenda Centro jets are strategically designed and placed on the long side of the bath to maximise body massaging effect and soothe tension. Strategically placed lumbar jets provide relief for the lower back and hips while the foot massage jets provide foot reflexology benefits.

The powerful 750 watt, three-stage heat boost pump, is controlled by the Sensa-Touch pad control which reuses energy to keep spa bath water warm and includes the ‘no water’ and ‘auto reset’ protection.

For more in-depth information download the Spa Bath Checklist.

  • Adatto 1510/1650 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Modena 1515/1635/1785 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Prima 1515/1635/1785 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Shenseki 1395/1515 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Novara 1525/1665/1653 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Cortez 1520/1670 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Carina 1525/1675/1750 Contour 14-Jet Spa Bath


  • Carina 1675/1750 Dolce Vita 18-Jet Spa Bath

  • San Diego 1790 Contour 14-Jet Spa Bath


  • Lago 1795 Contour 18-Jet Spa Bath


  • Uno 1530/1700 Contour 12-Jet Spa Bath


  • Caval 1800 Contour 14-Jet Spa Bath