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WELS Who Knew?

A bathroom renovation or build can quickly turn into a mind field of plumbing terminology and numbers that can be tricky to get your head around. So heres a quick break down of one of the most important efficiency rating systems you need to know about.

So what does WELS Star rating mean?

WELS is short for Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. This global standard water rating allows consumers to be environmentally conscious and economically savvy. As it compares the water efficiency between different products including tap ware, toilet suites, washing machines, dishwashers and so on. Its simple really, the higher star rating a product has.

Its compulsory for all water consumption product to have a WELS Star rating and its illegal for any of these products to be advertised or promoted without featuring this information. So keep an eye out and make smart decisions when purchasing these products because your back pocket and your environment will thank you for it, in the long run.

Here’s some interesting facts to get you thinking.

– A 3 STAR rated toilet suite will use 6L per full flush and 3L per half flush.

– A 4 STAR rated toilet suite will use 4.5L per full flush and 3L per half flush.

– With an average of 35 flushes per person, per week in Australia, the choice is easy isn’t it?

  A 3 STAR rated shower head will use 8.5L of water per minute.

– A 4 STAR rated shower head will use 7L of water per minute.

– The average Australian’s shower lasts seven minutes and a quarter of the population showers twice a day! Furthermore most of us are willing to watch and waste 15 seconds of perfectly good cold water before the temperature meets our liking. Now do the maths on those numbers.

If you want to find out more about how water efficient your household is head over to this super helpful CITY OF MELBOURNE Water Use Calculator, after all the numbers don’t lie.