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Choosing The Bath For You…

Choosing whether to include a bath in a bathroom can stir up quite the debate. For some, it’s a fixture hardly used. For others, it’s a must have, especially for a family with young children. Here are some tips on how to choose if and what bath is right for your bathroom, lifestyle and budget.

A freestanding bath or spa bath will create an instant focal point in the bathroom but will typically be more expensive than a built in bath. The inclusion of this trending style will modernise a space and can also add resale value to your property.

A freestanding bath or spa bath has no limitations on where they can be installed, making them extremely versatile and easy to work with within a space. However it is recommended that a 150-300mm gap be left around the bath to allow for easy access and cleaning.

Decina’s freestanding baths or spa baths come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom layout.

If space is limited in your bathroom, but you still love the freestanding look, a back-to-wall or back-to-corner freestanding bath style is a great option.

These baths sit back, flush against the tiled wall so there is no need to worry about that extra space allowance around the edge of the bath. Furthermore a back-to-corner freestanding bath fits perfectly into a corner along two of its edges.

Decina’s back-to-wall and back-to-corner freestanding baths also feature a tile bead so they can be fully integrated into the tiled wall, creating a water tight seal around the edges.

An inset bath or spa bath is most likely the type of bath you grew up with. It’s been modernised since then with extra length and a variety of shapes to choose from, but it is still characterised by a tile bead around the edges so it can be fully integrated into the tiled wall, creating a water tight seal around the edges. This style of bath or spa bath is ideal for a bathroom that lacks space or for a shower over bath installation.

An island bath or spa bath is still built-in like an inset bath or spa bath, but it can be set away from all walls, positioned anywhere in the bathroom in its own hob, creating a ‘island’ style focal point. This style of bath or spa bath in its hob, offers an edge around the bath rim that is ideal for seating, storage or styling.

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for a separate bath and shower, combining the two gives the best of both worlds. The most popular shower baths are inset baths with extra width and an anti-slip pattern on the entry and exit zones. These baths can also easily have a glass shower panel or screen installed directly on their tile bead to keep water contained during showering.

Additionally this bath style on a smaller scale can be used as a deep shower base or a fixture easily accessible for those less mobile.

The incorporation of a spa bath creates a day spa feel in your bathroom, along with hydrotherapy and therapeutic benefits.

Available in an exciting range of freestanding or built-in styles and shapes Decina can also help customise your spa bath with an array of technology and design innovations.

White is classic and ever popular, but black creates instant interest and if you fancy black tapware or accessories throughout your bathroom a black bath will create a cohesive look.

All Decina baths and spa baths are manufactured from sanitary grade acrylic or pressed metal.

The main difference between these two manufacturing materials is that sanitary grade acrylic retains heat better, is lighter and can have additional hygiene and maintenance properties adhered to the surface while pressed metal is generally more scratch resistant.

When it comes to choosing the right bath or spa bath for you and your bathroom, the options really are endless, but Decina makes choosing easier than ever. So make a start and check out their full range now.

CREDIT: Rebecca Senyard @plumbette