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You can’t deny the impact of black and while grey has been a strong styling choice over the last couple of years, things are about to get a whole lot more bold and Decina is here ready with the goods.

Darker tones, specially black are here & making a real statement within the bathroom ware space. We are seeing luxe, matte black finishes, along side high-gloss combinations of ivory and ebony, not to mention an array of darkened textures and treatments unlike any others seen before.

Synonymous with sophistication, black is actually very versatile and can enhance any bathroom style from contemporary to elegant and even classic. For all your darkest bath time desires Decina presents an extensive collection of black temptations for 2020.


LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM: ELINEA 1500/1790 Freestanding Bath, DUO Dolce Vita 24-Jet Spa Bath, LAGO Dolce Vita 26-Jet Spa Bath, ANGELIQUE Dolce Vita 14-Jet Spa Bath.

Freestanding baths moulded from sanitary-grade acrylic and premium spa baths featuring chic black fittings and jets.


LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM: MANHATTAN Shower Enclosure, VERSO Shower Tower, M-SERIES 1150 Freestanding Shower Panel, FLORENCIA Counter Top Basin, FLORENCIA Counter Top Basin.

Freestanding and fixed matte black shower panels and enclosures with new charcoal tinted, toughen safety glass. An innovation in showering tapware available for the first time in Australia, exclusive through Decina. Basins in exciting new textures with a pop-up plug attention to detail that will make you smile.

So come with us and take a walk on the dark side because black will always be the new black.

HERO IMAGE CREDITS: MANHATTAN Alcove Shower Screen, SOFIA Shower Tower.