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Bathroom Year Book

This years annual BATHROOM YEARBOOK goes on sale today and Decina is delighted to boast such an extensive showcase of our newest and most loved designs.

This prestigious publication highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of ideas and inspirations to create a functional space or the ultimate sanctuary. So weather your planning your dream build, in full renovation mode or just looking for some simple tips and tricks to give your bathroom a quick refresh, grab yourself a copy and a coffee and lets break it down a little.

Cover: ELINEA Freestanding Bath.


P. 30: LOLA Freestanding Bath & SALUTO Freestanding Bath Filler.
P. 31: ELISI Freestanding Contour Spa Bath, ZENTO Freestanding Bath Filler, REGENT Freestanding Bath,
JAJA Freestanding Bath Mixer, ELINEA Freestanding Bath, OXFORD Freestanding Bath, DUO Island Dolce Vita Spa Bath,
CAVAL Island Dolce Vita Spa Bath, LAGO Island Dolce Vita Spa Bath & ANGELIQUE Corner Inset Dolce Vita Spa Bath.


P. 32: MANHATTAN Alcove Shower Screen, SOFIA Shower Tower, M-SERIES Wall Fixed Shower Panel,
MANHATTAN Shower Enclosure, FLORIANO Curved Shower Screen, FITZROY Alcove Shower Screen,
FITZROY Bath Shower Screen, VERSO Shower Tower & M-SERIES Freestanding Shower Panel.
P. 33: ELINEA LUXE Counter Top Basin, FLORENCIA Basin Mixer, RENEE Toilet Suite, RENEE Wall Hung Toilet Suite,
FLUSH PLATE Square, RENEE Wall Faced Toilet Suite, FLUSH PLATE Square & SAN DIEGO Toilet Suite.


P. 110: ELISI Contour Spa Bath.
P. 111: ARIA Freestanding Bath, REGENT Freestanding Bath & ELINEA Freestanding Bath.