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2023 Bathroom Trends

2023 Bathroom Trends

Creating spa-like ambience and a tranquil oasis away from the world is possibly this year’s biggest bathroom trend. There has been a big shift away the bathroom being a simply functional place to that of a place of wellness and ultimate relaxation.

Spa Baths

Following the trend towards spa-like bathrooms, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of spa baths, particularly in our Australian-made freestanding spa baths – the Elisi, Orion and Mintori (which featured in The Block 2023). Designed to soothe or invigorate the body, freestanding spa baths not only look good but are ergonomically comfortable and will undoubtedly be the hero of your bathing oasis. All of our spa baths are made in Australia and hand tested before dispatch and delivery. Bath shells come with a 10 year warranty and spa fittings, pumps and jets have a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Elisi Freestanding Spa Bath 


Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths continue to grow in popularity, and we believe this look is here to stay. Not only do they make a stylish focal point and exude a spa-like look, but they are easy to install with adjustable self-supporting feet and a hob, frame or additional tiling isn’t required. Matte white finishes are trending as they give the appearance of a solid surface bath without the big price tag and black freestanding bathtubs are ever popular too. Decina offers a freestanding bath to suit every bathroom. From small soaker tubs to generous proportions that accommodate two bathers comfortably, Decina caters for a range of styles from ultra contemporary to traditional and timeless.


Valentina Matte Freestanding Bath


2023 is the year of the luxurious shower experience. Large walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, over head rain showers, and seating take things to a next level. The frameless M-Series shower panel is the most popular in our shower range and can either be fixed to a wall or freestanding and simply supported by shower braces. These contemporary panels can be installed directly onto floor and wall tiles and come in a range of finishes from brushed nickel to black to compliment your tapware and you can choose from clear or tinted glass. Combine with some visually stunning wall tiles and you’ve got the shower of a five star day spa!

M Series Shower Panel


Less is more with toilets and back-to-wall toilet suites and concealed in-wall cistern toilets are the pick of the day. Forget about the old worry of having your cistern locked away behind plaster board as our concealed in-wall cisterns are accessible for maintenance and repairs through the wall mounted flush plate.

Renee Wall Faced In-Wall Suite


Freestanding basins are becoming more and more popular each year. This seamless, sleek modern style is designed to be mounted on top of a vanity and combined with a vessel mixer or wall mounted tap and spout. Coloured basins are trending and one of our bestsellers is the Florencia range. From striking exterior metallic bronze textures to matte black finishes, the Florencia basin features a thin edge and shadow base that gives it the appearance of floating above the counter top.

Florencia 360 Black Green Textured Basin



Clean lines, natural colors, natural elements like wood and stone and pops of greenery all create a calming and tranquil space and make for a sense of wellness.

Moroccan-inspired tiles, vertical tiling, Kit Kat tiles and handmade, organic tiles along with mosaic or Terrazzo floors are popular this year. Gone are the days of stark white on white or tomb-like shades of grey. Mix combinations of shapes, textures and earthy tile colours. Greens, blues and peach tones are on-trend but for the more adventurous, jewel inspired colours like emerald or ruby will create the ultimate 2023 visual statement.

Sources of natural light are important, and skylights are a fantastic way to brighten up your bathroom. Mirrors are an important element as they reflect light and make the room seem larger. Wall sconces and statement light fixtures are making a big comeback. However ambient lighting should be balanced with the functional, and mirrors with practical built-in lighting for making shaving and applying makeup easier are trending now. Curves are still big this year and arched, round or rounded mirrors are ‘must haves’ to add a softness to the space.

Say goodbye to synthetic vanities in 2023. Timber vanities are all the rage. This natural material combined with contemporary bathroomware creates a warm and elegant look. Balance the wood of the vanity with a timber bath stool or timber shelving and top it all off with a bamboo bath caddy for ultimate bathing luxury.

Bamboo Bath Caddy

While the popularity of black taps and accessories continues into the year, the trend has moved to brushed nickel and brushed gold tapware for a touch of luxury and warmth. Wall mounted taps and spouts are the way to go to create a minimalist feel and they make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Mintori Spa Bath

And finally, add a few finishes touches to create a bathroom that dreams are made of. A wooden stool adds a touch of natural beauty and style and is ‘the’ accessory for bathrooms this year. Not only do they look good, but they are practical to have beside your bathtub. Open shelves displaying rolled towels, quality toiletries and greenery will add to the feel of a luxury spa room. And nothing is more luxurious than wrapping yourself in a big, plush, textured organic cotton towel after a relaxing shower or luxurious soak and then slipping on a gloriously soft fluffy bath robe. All natural soaps and toiletries are must haves this year and scented candles are a classic styling accessory. A simple tray or organic wooden bowl to contain bathroom items and a pot plant or fresh flowers looks great on a vanity but remember often with styling…less is more!

Happy bathroom reno! We hope we have inspired you with our pick of the bunch of bathroom trends of 2022/23. For more bathroom inspiration, visit