Our premium Dolce Vita spa bath range, includes the innovative Hydrotherapy jet system and Chromotherapy lighting, both of which has redefined the use and aesthetics of spa baths.
The Chromotherapy holistic light remedial method uses the visible spectrum (seven colours) of electromagnetic radiation to heal the body and boost energy. The 'mood lighting’ control touch-pad is mounted on the bath rim to give you complete control over the colours and their brightness. The larger capacity flush ‘C-Lenda Maxi Jets' with built in LED lights and 'C-Lenda Swirl Jets' have been added to create a swirling water action for the ultimate body massage enjoyment. The powerful 1100 watt heat boost pump includes a one stage heating element controlled by a remote Spa Key which allows you to operate the Spa pump from almost anywhere in the home, with ‘no water’ and ‘auto reset’ protection. The soft pillow headrest makes Dolce Vita synonymous with spa bath luxury. For more in-depth information download the Spa Bath Checklist.
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